Practice Safe Tech Neck. 10 Tips to better Posture.

If you’re like many people, you spent countless hours seated at your desk and you may be suffering with aches and pains due to poor posture. Bad sitting habits, such as slouching or crossing your legs, can have a detrimental impact on the health of your spine. Fortunately, these bad habits can be corrected by following the tips outlines above. Simple changes to your workspace and your sitting posture can go a long way to improving the health of your spine.

Foot Pain ?

If you have been regularly dealing with pain in one or both of your feet, obtaining proper foot pain treatment is necessary to find relief. Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition that may be to blame for frequent pain in the feet. Contacting Preferred Chiropractic of Midland is an option available to relieve symptoms. Here is some information about Plantar Fasciitis to read over so you understand this condition and how a chiropractor can help treat it effectively

5 facts about car accidents.

If you’ve ever been in a major (or minor) car accident, you know that it can be a traumatizing and life changing experience. Even accidents at low speed that cause minimal injury (or none that can be detected at the time) can be potentially harmful. An injury to your neck or spine can be masked by adrenaline and stress. In short, you may be injured and not know it yet. Contact Preferred Chiropractic of Midland for more information.

Spring Into Health!

Spring is finally upon us! The temperatures are getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and we can finally shake off those winter blues. Spring is the perfect time to make the most of warmer, brighter days. But after spending all winter indoors, is your body ready? If you’d like to spring into health this season, chiropractic care is for you!

Can Your Posture Affect Your Mood?

Do you check the way you are standing or sitting throughout the day? Do you make sure that your weight is distributed evenly? You probably already know how important proper posture is to your spine, but did you know it also affects your mood? A number of studies have shown that good posture can have a positive effect your mood and can even eliminate stress. Here’s what you need to know.

Avoid Injuries from Overuse

A healthy spine is an excellent foundation for a healthy body. In order to accomplish that, you’ve got to take great care of your spine, including stretching and strengthening. To maintain a strong spine, you have to be aware of your body and avoid injuries from overuse. Here are our tips.

Chiropractic: The Natural Treatment for Ear Infections

Chiropractic: The Natural Treatment for Ear Infections

The most common treatment for ear infections in the United States is antibiotics. On top of that narrative, children with recurring infections are often scheduled for surgery to implant tubes. No parent wants to add more pain to their already suffering child. Let’s explore why ear infections happen and how you can treat them naturally.

Tips to Achieve Chiropractic Wellness in the New Year

Staying healthy is not something to take for granted. Daily actions have a great impact on your overall health. Thus, make a resolution to achieve chiropractic wellness in the New Year! That means you can achieve:
• Increased energy
• Restored good health and the ability to maintain it
• Increased ability to relax
• Achieve a greater enjoyment in daily life
• Enhance physical and mental functions
• Enhances the body’s inner healing power

Practice the tips below:
1. Schedule regular visits to your chiropractor
2. Eat breakfast every day
3. Exercise 30 minutes a day
4. Breathe deeply
5. Sleep 7-8 hours each night
6. Drink plenty of water
7. Be conscientious about what you eat
8. Challenge your mind
9. Know your body’s limits for activities or work
10. Think positively and connect to a higher power
11. Laugh and love more freely

Chiropractic is a science of natural healing. Chiropractic wellness is achieved through various types of treatment that is safe, effective and gentle. Chiropractic treatment, such as spinal manipulation, will help keep the spine and nerves functioning in harmony without interference.

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Can Chiropractic Improve Your Sleep?

It seems like as the excitement of the New Year wears off, so do our energy levels. Sleep deprivation is a problem that impacts ever aspect of your health, and here’s how chiropractic can help.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is a wonderful, natural treatment for expectant mothers; and it’s safe. In fact, certain studies have indicated that females who utilize chiropractic care during pregnancy tend to have shorter labors and less back pain.

Pregnant women experience significant bodily changes, and how well a woman handles the differences can influence the smoothness of her pregnancy and delivery.

For example, the extra weight a woman carries often places stress on muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. Unfortunately, this can lead to balance challenges and skeletal misalignment.

Chiropractic Can Help Your Pregnancy (1).png

How can chiropractic care help?
Depending on a woman’s respective circumstances, therapy could include some or all of the following:
• Adjustments. Adjustments made in a gentle manner work to keep the spine and pelvis in better alignment. This tends to minimize pain and allow for an easier childbirth.
• Nutrition. Nutritional guidance encourages a healthier, more energetic mother. At the same time, it improves the baby’s chances of being born healthy.
• Massage. Massage supports greater flexibility because it loosens up muscles. And, it reduces stress, aches, and movement difficulties.
• Exercise. Pregnancy-approved exercises increase energy, improve balance, and help to keep pain away. Actually, women who exercise during pregnancy are frequently more active.

NOTE: Always check with the doctor before developing a workout routine. Chiropractic care is extremely valuable because it supports wellness, and it’s especially beneficial for pregnant women

Maintaining Health and Flexibility

If you notice that you are beginning to have trouble getting around, it is best to see a chiropractor before the issue worsens. The truth is, the best time to see a chiropractor is when you sense anything off with your body. Being proactive with your health enables chiropractic care to be the most effective for you. In addition, seeking chiropractic care in the absence of symptoms is equally wise. This is because chiropractic enables your body to become more prepared to handle the stresses of daily life and resist injuries and illnesses you would otherwise succumb to.

Constant Muscle Soreness ?
If you cannot exercise without feeling soreness in your muscles for many days after, it may be time to visit a chiropractor. The reason is that there is likely some underlying issue preventing your muscles from healing as quickly as they should. Some individuals may begin to avoid exercise as a result of this soreness. This only amplifies the problem at hand. A chiropractor has a keen sense of the biomechanics of the body and can often improve your recovery time.

If you want to live a pain-free life contact Preferred Chiropractic of Midland to start your journey towards complete wellness.

How Chiropractic Care can help with Automobile Accidents

How Chiropractic Care can help with Automobile Accidents

A car accident is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Adding a car accident creates more stress and is an added strain on your life. This may force you to take time off of work, and may even make you unable to perform normal daily tasks. One of the biggest questions following a car accident is where and should I seek treatment?

Winter Slips and Falls

Winter Slips and Falls

There are three types of slip-and-fall injuries that commonly occur in winter conditions. The first is when your feet go out from under you, and you hit the ground bottom-first. This can cause low back injury, mid-back injury, and is particularly damaging when it occurs on stairs, due to the multiple angles of impact on your body. Problems resulting from this type of fall can include pelvic sprains or disc injuries, both of which can be treated with chiropractic.

Have Your Best Year Yet!

The New Year is an exciting time of year. We take the time to reflect, start over, make resolutions, and work toward accomplishing new goals. For many of us, that means refocusing on better health. That often leads to busy gyms for the first few months of the year, then enthusiasm quickly wanes. Instead of starting a resolution you don’t intend to keep, take a look at starting 2019 with something different - regular chiropractic care! Here are just a few reasons why chiropractic is an excellent addition to your health regimen.

A Winter Necessity

There’s no way around it: winter is simply a time where you need to put some extra focus on your health and wellness. Instead of hunkering down with a mountain of blankets and sitting in front of the TV, follow our suggestions and use chiropractic care to help you stay healthy this winter season.

Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday travels can be stressful, frustrating, and complicated. As if traveling isn’t already enough, add in that you’re doing it during the busiest time of year. If you are suffering from back pain, your travels will be particularly brutal. Back pain and traveling can put you in a negative frame of mind before you even arrive at your destination and interrupt your family fun. Here are our suggestions to avoid back pain this holiday season.