Hands down, this is the place to go in the tri-city area. These Drs take a whole body approach to medicine and heal you from where it all begins...your spine! They are friendly, informative, upbeat and heal you in a way no other Doctor can!! If you are hurting today give Preferred Chiropractic a call. They have same day appointments, are very flexible (they'll get you flexible too! 😃), and they will get you out of pain and keep you there!! No drugs, no needles, just smooth sailin from here on out...⛵ -Anita M.

I was a skeptic of any chiropractic care. I went in very hesitant and left with a renewed sense of hope! Within a week of treatment, I’m finding great relief and results!! I took a 20 minute walk - something I haven’t been able to do in YEARS. I’m so thankful for the plan I have in place and to see what the future holds. The staff is wonderful, as well! -Carrie J

I am a new patient (like 1st treatment in), but here is what I like to this point - I have serious, multiple issues and after my initial exam and then a meeting to discuss the findings and determine a plan of action I have real hope. I do not expect it to be easy and I have to do my part but for the first time I have an honest evaluation and a whole team (including me) that is going to work on making things better - not just rid of pain better but better because things structurally will be better. I am excited to see what this year is going to bring. Thank you for the hope! -Carmen C.

They helped me get back to my “old self” after debilitating back pain. I’ll forever be thankful to them for helping me get back to long walks, gardening and living life to the fullest again! Consistent adjustments and massages by Rachel has been key in my healing process. -Jamie D.

Would highly recommend this clinic to friends and family of all ages!! While pregnant, I was experiencing severe lower back pain (could hardly walk) and was able to get in asap, even with being a new patient. The doctors have done wonders on healing my back!! All of the staff is very welcoming, friendly and professional!! Massages here are awesome as well!! Also, my children love getting adjusted here!! Thank you Preferred Chiropractic!!


"Since day 1, they’ve been so efficient and helpful. I walk out of there knowing it’s benefited me! I was is sore need (pun intended) of help being well into my third trimester of my pregnancy, feeling like I was literally falling apart! I hurt everywhere! I said I felt like I had some odd nerve pain going on in my foot, so they addressed it, successfully! Even my hands, elbow and knee! And they’re equipped with a table for maternity clients! I truly feel it’s the best and most thorough chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. And the massage therapist does more than just a ‘feel good’ massage. They have been, and still are, helping me and my family feel our best! Thank you so much!" 
-Angela S.

"I was a in a great deal of pain when I first moved to Midland. It had gotten to the point where I thought I might have to start using a cane to walk. I got a free consultation in the mail for Preferred Chiropractic and decided to try them out. Dr. Nathan took x-rays, found the problem, and instituted a course of treatment. Today, I am almost completely pain free. The employees are very friendly and willing to work with you to make everything as convenient as possible. I would recommend this chiropractor and his staff to anyone."
-Robin S.

"The staff is so friendly and genuinely concerned about me. Dr Vanderloo is very professional and the best chiropractor I've ever been too. He knows how to treat my troubled areas and I know I'm on my way to recovery. I say recovery because I waited too darn long to come here! If I had only known. If you're having problems or just need to be adjusted, this is the place to go."
-Kathryn S.

"I've been seeing the chiropractor for two weeks and have seen a huge reduction in back pain and increase in mobility. I haven't felt this good in 5 years. the staff are all friendly and professional. They are very attentive in the needs and comfort of patients at all times. I highly recommend Preferred Chiropractic of Midland."
-Scott G.