Spring is here! Six Tips to help avoid muscle strain while gardening


We are wishing for some spring like weather here in Midland Michigan. Once the ground has thawed out. We want to remind you of some gardening tips we posted below.

Gardening and yard work can bring on many injuries for a variety of reasons. Specifically, people tend to do too much too soon.

Many common injuries including tendonitis, sprains, strains or breaks can be prevented with proper technique like bending at the knees when lifting instead of from the back or securing and stabilizing a ladder before climbing. These are simple precautions that are overlooked too often. Whether you're maintaining a vegetable garden or adorning your yard with fragrant spring flowers and bushes.

Preferred Chiropractic of Midland cautions that using this equipment can result in back and neck pain, as well as more serious muscular strains and tears if not used properly. “The repetitive motion that your body undergoes when using such equipment can bring on a whole host of mechanical problems within the body

Six tips for avoiding muscle strain while gardening:

1.Regardless of what piece of equipment you are using, make sure it has a strap—and that you use it. Place the strap over your head on the shoulder on the opposite side of your body from the device. This will help normalize your center of gravity.

2.Be sure to switch the side on which you are operating the equipment as often as possible, and to balance the muscles being used, alternate your stance and motion frequently.

3.Take frequent breaks.

4.Consider electric-powered items, especially if you experience back or neck pain, as they tend to be lighter than their engine-powered counterparts.

5.When picking up or putting down your equipment, be sure to bend from the knees, not at the waist.

6.Keep the object close to your body as you lift, not at arm’s length. “While it is critical that you operate your yard equipment safely, it is equally important that you prepare your body for the work you are about to do,” explains Walker “To help avoid injury, be sure to include a warm-up/cool-down period that involves stretching.”