The Benefits of Swimming for your Back

As we dive into summer, we can finally enjoy the benefits of swimming! Not only is a dip in the pool refreshing, but it is also a great form of exercise. Swimming puts very little stress on the back, is fun for all ages, and is a low impact exercise which is ideal for those who don’t do well with high-impact workouts. Even if you aren’t a fan of swimming laps, there are plenty of aquatic exercises you can do in the pool that are just as effective as taking a long swim, such as water aerobics. Here are some of the benefits of exercising in the pool.

Swimming is a low impact exercise.

Exercises that are low impact cause less stress on the body, so they are ideal for managing pain. When exercising on land, low impact exercises require one foot to be on the ground. When exercising in the water, movements are much easier on the joints. Water provides natural resistance so the muscles build strength without the stress of lifting weights. For those suffering from back and joint pain, water aerobics provides an opportunity to continue to build strength without strain.

Water is a stress reliever.

Imagine you are relaxing in a big pool of water — isn’t there just something therapeutic about it? Water changes the tensions that gravity puts on the body, which many find beneficial, especially those that are suffering from arthritis or joint issues. Water helps relax the body, and we are big fans of water exercises and therapy for our patients that have back issues, as the impact is much less stressful compared to movement on the ground.

Swimming can improve physical endurance.

While water exercises may be low impact, that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. Research shows that swimming is one of the best workouts a person can do! There are many reasons why this is a strong argument, including that swimming improves physical endurance. You might not be lifting heavy weights while you’re in the water, but taking your workout underwater provides plenty of resistance on its own. That resistance builds muscle and many chiropractors (ourselves included) recommend water therapy to help strengthen back muscles in order to improve posture and relieve back pain.

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