Take On Back To School!


The Back To School season is upon us, and that means trips to the store, heavy books and backpacks, and tons of preparation. It is certainly an exciting time, and education is wonderful for your kids, but the overloaded backpacks and bad posture can hurt them in the long run. Here are our tips to maintain healthy spines this school year.

1. Start with the right backpack.

Your kid might want the coolest backpack, but it isn’t always the best choice. A good backpack will be comfortable and light with a tight fit. The ideal backpack will have wide, padded shoulder straps along with a padded back (bonus points for a waist strap!). The straps should be adjusted so that the backpack fits snugly against your child’s back and isn’t leaning away from the body. A backpack is only as good as you pack it, so keep the heaviest objects close to the body and any odd-shaped or bumpy items away from the back.

2. Label boxes correctly.

Just because your kid is going to college doesn’t mean they can’t use your help. When moving into their first dorm or apartment, there is sure to be a lot of heavy lifting. When you label boxes correctly, you know exactly where to put them so you spend less time hauling them around. Be sure to lift with proper form: have a good grip, balanced footing, and lift with your legs!

3. Arrange an ergonomic workspace.

Back to school means lots of homework, reading, and studying. Keep up your good posture reminders and provide a book stand to keep books at eye level to reduce strain on the shoulders and neck. 

4. Stretch it out.

Summertime often means a break from sports and athletic activities. You child’s body may have adapted to a lack of activity, and so it requires extra time to warm up. Be sure that your child stretches before and after play.

5. Maintain proper posture.

Whether you are sitting or standing, proper posture can help reduce strain on the low back, shoulders, and neck. It will also help your child remain attentive. To maintain proper posture, sit with your shoulders back and your neck upright. No slumping or hunching forward. Your hips, shoulders, and ears should be in a straight line.

Our last tip is, of course, to come in for regular chiropractic adjustments. We want to help you and your family enjoy a healthy start to the school year, so click here to contact us and learn about the benefits of chiropractic care.