What is Causing your Neck Pain?


Neck pain is a complaint we hear quite commonly, and chiropractic can provide a solution to that pain. However, there are plenty of things you are doing in your daily life that are causing your pain, without you even realizing it! Here's what you need to know:


  • Sleeping Habits: When we are sleeping, we are our body the opportunity to rest and reset. But the position we sleep in affects how our neck feels when we wake up. If your sleeping position is leaving you with neck pain in the morning, speak with us about changing your sleeping habits during your next appointment.
  • Bad posture: You most likely spend the majority of your day hunched over your desk. Make a point to sit up straight and avoid straining your neck due to poor posture! 
  • Text Neck: It might sound silly, but text neck is a real issue, and is something that can be very easily avoided. You likely spend hours on your phone or your tablet. If being on your electronic devices is a necessity, just pay attention to your posture. Avoid holding your phone down below your neck and staring down at your device. Hold your device up at eye level so your neck doesn't have to strain for you to see it.  
  • Computer placement: Forcing your head to tilt up or down to see your computer can lead to neck strain. Make sure your computer is properly aligned at your desk. 

If you pay attention to your daily activities and are able to avoid some of these common behaviors, along with seeing us for regular chiropractic adjustments, your neck will feel the benefits!