Pairing Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care

Most people believe chiropractic care and physical therapy are as different as an allergist and a podiatrist, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are the perfect complementary pair. Both types of therapy relieve pain, strengthen the muscles, and improve range of motion. Your local chiropractor, such as Preferred Chiropractic of Midland, specializes in the manipulation of the spine and joints. Adjustments relieve chronic pain and offer relief from painful and/or stiff joints or certain parts of the body.

Physical therapy involves exercises or movements that bring strength back to injured muscles, improve joint flexibility and increase coordination.

Chiropractic care will help the body heal, while the exercises offered by your physical therapist will restore strength in the muscles, so you will be better prepared and have a lower risk of repeating this same injury.

Keep an eye out for a Physical Therapist to be in-house here at Preferred Chiropractic!