Holiday Travel Tips


Holiday travels can be stressful, frustrating, and complicated. As if traveling isn’t already enough, add in that you’re doing it during the busiest time of year. If you are suffering from back pain, your travels will be particularly brutal. Back pain and traveling can put you in a negative frame of mind before you even arrive at your destination and interrupt your family fun. Here are our suggestions to avoid back pain this holiday season.

Take Stretch Breaks

Whether you are traveling by car or by plane, sitting for a long period of time can cause tension to build in your body. We suggest taking stretch breaks as often as you can to help relieve that tension. These mini-stretch breaks don’t have to be intense, but should include stretching your neck and back.

Dress Comfortably

You might want to look your best when you arrive at your destination, but traveling comfortably is key. When travelling, wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing. This will allow your body to move freely, which can help prevent back pain. Still want to look your best when you get to your destination? Pack your nicer clothes in an easily accessible bag and change just before your plane lands or stop at a rest stop before your last exit.

Make a Trip to the Chiropractor

Maintaining your regular chiropractic care regimen can be helpful when you are working to prevent back pain before traveling. Contact us to schedule a quick adjustment before you hit the road to help prevent and manage your pain. During your appointment, we will use gentle and effective adjustments to the joints of the spine to restore function and release tension. Not only do we want you to enjoy the holiday season, but we also want you to enjoy optimal health and we can help you achieve just that!

Safe travels and happy holidays!