Time To Improve Your Work Space?


Millions of people spend a great portion of their day sitting at their desk job. That can lead to a number of negative side effects from strained eyes to a sore back. Why not make life a little bit easier (and make your body feel better) by improving your work space? Here are our tips to better the ergonomics in your office. 


If you have a desk job, think about how much time you actually spend sitting in your chair. Kind of surprising, huh? Fortunately, you can make your chair more posture-friendly with arm support, a comfortable cushion, the ability to swivel, and an adjustable height lever. No matter how great your seating arrangement is, you should still set an alarm to remind you to get up and move around for a few minutes every hour if your job requires you to sit for an extended period of time.


Think about the placement of your computer screen on your desk. Most people sit above their computers and are forced to tilt their head and neck down in order to properly view their computer screen. You can reduce that strain by positioning your computer screen at eye level. There are a number of monitor or laptop stands for sale, or you can just use a stack of books until your device is at eye level.


Have you thought about the mouse and keyboard you are using? If you don't have an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, consider replacing what you currently use. You most likely spend hours resting your hands on your keyboard and mouse. Using ergonomic workplace accessories will give your hands and wrists a more comfortable resting place. 


Studies have been conducted that prove sitting for hours on end every day will lead to serious long-term spinal damage and health issues. Consider using a standing desk, which helps with posture and will give your lower back a break from strain. 

If you are interested in more tips for a healthy back and spine, just ask during your next chiropractic adjustment. We look forward to helping you and your family reach optimal health!