Celebrate Correct Posture Month!

If you’ve visited us here at Preferred Chiropractic, you know how important it is to maintain proper posture. Your posture is a key element of having great health, and has a larger impact on overall heath and wellness than most people realize. This month, we are celebrating Correct Posture Month — what better time to try a few of our tips to improve your posture?

What Is So Important About Posture?

When you make great posture a priority you will enjoy more than just the benefit of a healthy spine. You may experience decreased joint pain, better sleep, and an improvement in organ function. Plus, great posture can help increase how effective your chiropractic treatments are, which will lead to a boost in your overall health and wellness.

Tip #1: Be Aware of Your Posture

The first tip you can work on is being aware of your posture. This is especially necessary for those who have poor posture. When you feel yourself slumping down, hunching over, or if your back starts to sway, stop what you are doing, readjust, and correct your posture. Pretend you have a string that is coming out of the top of your head. Now imagine pulling that string and straightening up all your body parts below it. Think tall, shoulders back, chin up, and really pay attention to how your body feels when you maintain great posture.

Tip #2: Use a Wall

You’ve probably heard of people using household objects to exercise, so why not use them to improve your posture? By using a wall, you can better understand how your pelvis should shift when you stand up straight. Many patients come to us and are in the habit of tilting their pelvis back, but by rolling it forward, you can develop and understanding of how to carry yourself.

Give it a try for yourself! Stand with your back flat up against a wall with your feet right underneath you. Now press the small of your back up against the wall. Do you notice how your body shifts along with your pelvis? Do this whenever you need a reminder of how you should keep your body in alignment.

Tip 3: Schedule Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

When you regularly visit the chiropractor, you give yourself the best opportunity to have great posture. The help of our chiropractic professionals will have you reaching success in your search for great posture. Better mobility and alignment will help you accomplish the important goal of maintaining proper posture. To learn more about the importance of proper posture and how to achieve it, contact us!