Beat Your Back Pain!


We've all been there before: you're doing the same everyday tasks you always do, and all of a sudden, you are experiencing back pain. You, along with so many others think, "But I didn't even do anything!". 

What you probably don't realize is that what you did five minutes ago or even five days ago isn't always the cause of your current problem. It's usually more a case of the the straw that broke the camel's back!

Uncover the Cause

For some of our patients, chronic stress wreaks havoc on their nervous system and will finally cause their backs to "go out". Stress is proven to have a physical toll on the body, and chronic stress and eventually lead to physical injuries. The strain of carrying the weight of so much extra stress is often put on your back and neck.

Here is an example for us to demonstrate this. Imagine you go to your favorite little cafe on the corner and put the purchase on your debit card. Your card got denied, but you were certain it would go through as the purchase was only $4! Well, it wasn't that small purchase at the cafe that broke the bank. It was all the money you spent before. Because you didn't properly manage your finances in the first place, you are now faced with embarrassment, inconvenience, and overage fees.

That same concept can also be applied to your health. If you ignore the issues you are experiencing, your body will find a way to be heard - loud and clear!

Beat Your Back Pain

In order to stay on top of your health and avoid being "over spent", we suggest a few simple tips. Follow a healthy diet, learn to use stress coping and management tools, rest up, and keep up with your regular chiropractic adjustments!